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Radio Schedule Changes

Posted in Hosting, LBR, Mac, Projects, Software on 2010/03/28 by Dashiell Barlow

I changed the schedule for Lunar Blade tonight. You can see the changes on the station website. I knocked down the live hours a good amount, and I knocked down the auto-casting hours to nothing. I had a couple of reasons for this decision.

First of all, I haven’t been keeping up with the live hours. I believe it is better to have less live broadcasts scheduled and more of the actual schedule fulfilled.

As for killing auto-cast hours, well, I have a few interconnected reasons for that as well. Registration for my next semester of classes starts on the 5th of April, which is just around the corner. I have classes after that. I am trying to find a job as well.

So, a great deal more time spent out of the house, and the majority of that time I will need my MacBook with me. My broadcasting software is OS X-only; there is no Windows port. My music is on an Mac OS Extended (Journaled)-formatted drive, which, if I recall correctly, Windows doesn’t particularly like to play nice with. I have no other OS X machine in the house, and I cannot afford a Mac Mini to fix that.

Long story short — my MacBook can’t be in two places at once.

I’m sorry about this cut. I’ll expand hours again when I can afford the solutions necessary.


Lunar Blade Radio

Posted in Music, Projects on 2010/02/27 by Dashiell Barlow

First of all, this is what I am writing about. That link may change — the current site is temporary (and badly designed).

So, this is my current major project. I am DJ Tragic Moon – the Head DJ and founder of Lunar Blade. 

We’re already broadcasting 24/7 – there is a scheduled time where I (usually) do a live show every day. I’m working on getting web hosting,  a radio server, and other essentials to run this station properly. 

In other words, I’m hitting the ground running on this. It’s a hell of a lot of fun, and it’s spectacular that I’ve already got a (n admittedly small) listener base.

If you want to get involved in the project, CONTACT me.  My twitter account, of course, is @DMBarlow, but email is fine, and also quite direct. My main address is dashbarlow[at]gmail[dot]com.


Scheduling & Podcasts

Posted in Projects, Twitter on 2010/02/12 by Dashiell Barlow

I’ve been thinking about scheduling certain posts here.

As things stand, Life & Sanity is a pretty random blog, with posts going up as I feel the need. Would anyone who reads this like to see scheduled posts every week? Does anyone have any reasons why I should (or should not) make that particular change?

Now, the other point is podcasts. I’m very interested in starting up a podcast that would cover all things nerd/techie/etc. But I need people — a podcast by myself is just me talking, a lonely narcissist to your ear. So, if you’re interested in starting one with me, or if you have one, my areas of knowledge match up with a slot you need to fill, get in touch!

In either case — contact me over on Twitter.


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