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Tiananmen Square Musings

Posted in Politics, Twitter on 2010/03/16 by Dashiell Barlow

I was musing on the protests in 1989 in Tiananmen Square today, and on people, after reading yet another story  about  the ongoing disagreements between Google and China.

Frankly I’d love to see Google leave China entirely, lead the wave  of technology companies to leave China high, dry, and alone. I’m not going to see that happen, just as I’m not going to see Apple detach from their partnerships with Foxconn.

However, that is not the point of this post. This post is about people.

Governments are getting very good at pacifying us. How many protests were there in the United States during the Bush Administration? Not enough. How many turned out for the few that happened? Not near enough.

I don’t see the urgency anymore, at least in my own country. Do we have no political and moral leaders who aren’t in office anymore?

Do we have no one that we would be willing to rise up and make our voice heard for?

Do we have no one that we would face down tanks for?

This saddens me.


Our nation was built — built! — by a small group of those willing to face down the most powerful nation in the entire world at the time.

A few of us still are, or were, willing to put themselves in harm’s way.

Remember Rachel Corrie, who died in Palestine/Israel.

Remember those that died at Tiananmen.

Let not their and other’s sacrifices ever, ever, be in vain.

( I thank @iRevolt for making  me aware of Rachel Corrie’s story. You can read about her blatant murder here and about the Tiananmen Incident here )


Wife of Justice Thomas starts political group – Washington Post-

Posted in Politics on 2010/03/16 by Dashiell Barlow

Wife of Justice Thomas starts political group – Washington Post-

“Virginia Thomas, the conservative activist and wife of Justice Clarence Thomas, […] is founder of a new nonprofit lobbying and political-organizing group catering to the “citizen activists” of the “tea party” movement.”

This is more than a little bothersome, at least to my mind.

The so-called “Tea Party” movement is a dangerous, anti-freedom group. No matter how loudly they cry that they wish to “restore” our somehow “lost” Constitutional freedoms, they want the Executive Branch’s power far beyond balance.

With such a President, we would keep very few or no  freedoms.

The “Tea Party” members are deluded if they believe their own cries.


The Messengers Of Truth

Posted in Politics, Twitter on 2010/03/13 by Dashiell Barlow

There are people in our world who, regardless of person or reputation-al risk, regardless of  political or religious affiliation, put the lives and rights people as a whole first.


Not people who are this religion,  not people who are that political affiliation, people as a whole. While I try to be of this group of people. I fail a great deal more often than I’d like. I like to call the people who do not fail at this, “Messengers of Truth”.


One was my late Grandmother Dulcie, whose memory I hold in highest esteem because she was one of the people. But another example is @iRevolt. I suggest that everyone — even if you aren’t politically minded — follow her on that Twitter account.


She has opened my eyes to many things, and for that I thank her.

Zionism & Nazism

Posted in Politics, Twitter on 2010/02/27 by Dashiell Barlow

Now, some of you may have major issues with this post, so I will say this right up front. This is an opinion piece. I hold these opinions to be  flat correct. You do not have to, although I hope you will. I will also say I hold nothing against Judaism and it’s practitioners. This post is about Zionism.

Alright, into the blog post!

What is Israel?

Israel would have us believe it is a homeland for the Jewish people. A safe haven from anti-semitism, a nation in it’s own right, constantly under attack by “vicious” arabic neighbors.

But is this the truth?

I say that it is not. Furthermore, I say that even if I stand alone in this opinion  I shall continue it.

I say that Israel is an illegal nation. A nation that encourages apartheid, child murder. A nation that will not tolerate those who disagree. A nation to which the term “war crime” means nothing.

I say that Israel is a Nazi state. The only difference is which ethno-religious group is held to be “pure”. 

Do you not believe me? Go to your Twitter account and follow @iRevolt. She is an incredible source of unfiltered, unbiased information.

In other words, a source of the truth that those who uphold Zionism would like kept from us.

Look up Illah Pappe. Look up Norman Finkelstein. These are names of Jewish people who themselves have seen the truth of what Israel is, and moved to reject  it.

This is no conspiracy theory.

This is reality. 

I can not show you the “right” path here – but I am trying to open a door to a world with less lies forced down your throat unrecognized. Open your eyes to this, I urge you.


Look just a little deeper than the surface and you will find horrors floating just under a veil.

I don’t want to see any more pictures of children killed for no reason other than their ethnicity. Or their religion.

And there’s only one way to stop that.

Never cease looking for the truth, never cease working against the liars.


Games, Religion, & Idiots (Yet again)

Posted in Games, Politics on 2010/01/27 by Dashiell Barlow

So, thanks to @MontyPrime over on Twitter, I was linked to this. (Read it. It’s either terrible or an acid trip.)

I am absolutely disgusted by the level of idiocy shown by this, but first we’ll make something clear.

I’m a Christian. A Quaker in fact. As a Quaker, my faith is fairly simple. I don’t need the Bible, I don’t need dogma and priests and sermons. We are called Christians for a few reasons, none of which are relevant.

Now, into the blog post itself:

Let’s start off with this point, as it shows just how much of a brainwashed fool this poor reviewer is.

He blames the Doom series for the Columbine tragedy.

I have addressed these lies before. We know it wasn’t the videogames. It was yanking the last stress release system these poor kids had. The videogames were helping. They let these kids blow off steam

Let’s make some clear points here:

The so-called “reviews” of the M games are based on media hearsay. Incredibly bad sourcing on the reviewers’ part.

There is no Master Chef in the Halo games. I thought it was a typo, but evidently not, considering the few sentences after. That’s simply amusing and again shows the lack of fact checking.

Snake (MGS) is not an agent of the devil. Christian games are intended to have Christian imagery. Games not developed to be Christian are not necessarily anti-christian.

There are no Apple devices allowed on the this poor reviewer’s so-called University. Corporations have to be Darwinian; otherwise their employees would bring them down. This is clear ignorance, again.

There are repeated instances of homophobia. (Multiple reviews) Inexcusable. But inevitable.

There is at least one instance of bigotry against divorce and polyamory. (Fable II review) Again inexcusable yet inevitable.

Tetris is supposedly anti-christian. His arguments are nonsensically. Most governments are fundamentally Atheist. (Exception being religious fundamental). Just like the US government. We are nation of freedom of religion, and therefore atheist government, no matter what the Christian conservatives will tell you. Socialist and communist governments are also Atheist. It does not mean that the people are expected to be Atheist, or even that individual members of government are.

This reviewer doesn’t understand the definition or nature of Atheism. Atheism is simply choosing to not have a faith. Atheism does not have schools of thought, so to speak. There is no such think as “militant Atheism” and other such supposed movements.

Most importantly: There is no anti-christian conspiracy group controlling any industry, let alone videogames. This was an implied position, unless I missed something in my reading. It is also very wrong. Unfortunately, ignorant people can still connect dots that are not connectable.

To wrap up.

This reviewer is a perfect product of the right wing ultra-conservative Christian movement. He believes the lies that he has been fed as strongly as he believes his own faith. He doesn’t bother to check his sources or use reliable ones. He unquestioningly believes the lies his professors teach him.

He is a waste of any intellect he may possess.

He is a wingnut.

Lies & Death.

Posted in Politics, Twitter on 2010/01/13 by Dashiell Barlow

I just read this article from Wired.

I am outraged. Absolutely outraged.

First; a story.

When I was 17 years old my mother, my stepfather, and my shrink decided it would somehow be “good for me” if I spent a little time in a mental ward. One was picked.

I was railroaded into going voluntarily. I was lied to. I was told, in a nutshell, that if I did not go I would be forcibly committed.

I was more terrified than I have ever been in my life.

These are three people that ought to have known me a little better. Known that my main fear is loss of control.

I was in that ward for 12 days. 12 days in which I was constantly terrified because I had no control over when I would get out. Where I would be for the next, entirely indefinite, amount of time.

I was a zombie. A fucking lifeless zombie. That was the closest in my life I have ever come to suicide. I’m not a suicidal person, but I was quite close to serious consideration.

The point of this story is that I know a) how psychologically tormenting being in a ward can be in the UNITED STATES! which is a far better situation than China, and b) how easy it is for a parent to be sold on something that might make their child “better” from the very-likely-imaginary “problem”.

And there’s a problem in that last paragraph.

I said “far better situation than China.”

What is the situation in China? Let’s go back to the Wired article.

After the beating, Deng Senshan was carried trembling to his bunk, shouting, “They’re killing me,” and bleeding from his mouth, ears, eyes, and nose. The counselors left him there for hours before dispatching a car to take him to the hospital. At around 3 am, 14 hours after arriving at the camp, he was pronounced dead.

Look at the last two sentences again again.

The counselors left him there for hours before dispatching a car to take him to the hospital.

At around 3 am, 14 hours after arriving at the camp, he was pronounced dead.

This young man is dead. And it’s the fault of the Chinese government, who are taking no more than meaningless steps in response.

This is unacceptable.

I say the Chinese should rise up in protest and overthrow their government or force it to change.

There must be progress from this outrageous state of affairs.

Idiocy & Those Who Believe It

Posted in Games, Politics on 2010/01/07 by Dashiell Barlow

Read these two links: One & Two.

I cannot believe the rampant intolerance and delusion that is posted by this woman. However, I do believe she wishes it to be a date and time without technology.

This begs a joke about DeLoreans and dropping her off in the early 1900s.

It is my belief that she is only harming her children by refusing to allow them to have the same experiences, learn the same lessons, grow together, in the same way with other children.

Take me for example. I’m a hardcore gamer — and I am responsible as well. Why am I responsible? I learned it from the games.

I certainly did not learn it from my mother, in whose house I lived until a few months ago. I bought myself games, and I bought myself my MacBook.

Whenever she decided to have issues with me (mostly because my stepdad and I have always been on the speaking terms level of: Him: “You little asshole” Me: “I’m sorry, Dan, but you really are an idiot” etc. ) she’d come up and try to take my electronics.

This was never something I’d allow to happen. Hiding my stuff, protecting what was mine every way I could became second nature.

Now, let’s look at some key differences between my mother and I.

My mother’s idea of being responsible:

  • Let the cable bill lapse every four months.
  • Intentionally not use the medical insurance that her former husband (My dad, a great guy) has been legally made to provide for my sister and I for years.
  • Intentionally block the court ordered visitation (for my sister & I to see Dad) at every opportunity.
  • And much more that I’m not willing to blog about.

Meanwhile, you have me. Much like this dude, I can often be found online or gaming until 2, 3, 4, 5 AM.

But, I know myself. I know how much sleep I need. I am always up when I need to be up. When I have classes — I don’t miss them. When I have shifts — I don’t miss them.

I’m a gamer. And that’s why I’m going to succeed.

I feel sorry the children of the woman who wrote the two posts linked above.

What their mother is doing? It’s hurting them.

UPDATE: Here’s another post with another reasonable viewpoint.


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