About “Red Tunic Productions”



RTP is a small group of dedicated journalists who seek to inform the consumer, shame bad business practices, and maybe, just maybe, change the world. We have a huge range of interests, and will report on anything within that range, but we’ll never lie to or hide relevant information from our readers. Particularly, we concern ourselves with gaming, technology, and the politics of both. As we grow, we will diversify our coverage. This blog, Life & Sanity, is just one RTP outlet.

We will never accept any payment for our stance on any issue, so our opinions will always be our own. If we obtain sponsorships, the agreements will be publicly posted by us, without exception.

If you wish to reblog or repost anything from L&S or any RTP outlet, consider this your standing written permission. We only ask for attribution, so that readers know where to find more from the same writers.


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