Zionism & Nazism

Now, some of you may have major issues with this post, so I will say this right up front. This is an opinion piece. I hold these opinions to be  flat correct. You do not have to, although I hope you will. I will also say I hold nothing against Judaism and it’s practitioners. This post is about Zionism.

Alright, into the blog post!

What is Israel?

Israel would have us believe it is a homeland for the Jewish people. A safe haven from anti-semitism, a nation in it’s own right, constantly under attack by “vicious” arabic neighbors.

But is this the truth?

I say that it is not. Furthermore, I say that even if I stand alone in this opinion  I shall continue it.

I say that Israel is an illegal nation. A nation that encourages apartheid, child murder. A nation that will not tolerate those who disagree. A nation to which the term “war crime” means nothing.

I say that Israel is a Nazi state. The only difference is which ethno-religious group is held to be “pure”. 

Do you not believe me? Go to your Twitter account and follow @iRevolt. She is an incredible source of unfiltered, unbiased information.

In other words, a source of the truth that those who uphold Zionism would like kept from us.

Look up Illah Pappe. Look up Norman Finkelstein. These are names of Jewish people who themselves have seen the truth of what Israel is, and moved to reject  it.

This is no conspiracy theory.

This is reality. 

I can not show you the “right” path here – but I am trying to open a door to a world with less lies forced down your throat unrecognized. Open your eyes to this, I urge you.


Look just a little deeper than the surface and you will find horrors floating just under a veil.

I don’t want to see any more pictures of children killed for no reason other than their ethnicity. Or their religion.

And there’s only one way to stop that.

Never cease looking for the truth, never cease working against the liars.



2 Responses to “Zionism & Nazism”

  1. Amen, sir. Precisely what I've been saying for years. Unyielding support of Israel's behavior is the core of most of our problems in the region. I cannot sufficiently recommend Robert Fisk's "The Great War for Civilisation" as background on the topic.


  2. […] have spoken about Israel before, so I don’t feel the need to get into that […]


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