Heavy Rain

I recently started hearing about a new title coming out for PS3. Evidently Quantic Dream is developing it. David Cage is the big guy other there, and this is one of his projects.

I get the feeling they are running with a tight, small team, and that Mr. Cage is running every project. Their list of games is somewhat short.

The entire game (supposedly) plays like a quicktime event; the control scheme changes wildly by situation. This will be hell on the muscle memory many gamers rely on …. but it’s also quite unique. I think that I may like it.

It reminds me of the Wii, except accomplishing what the Wiimote does without sacrificing an actual controller.

I’m looking forward to playing the full game, I may even hit up the demo. It just sounds fantastic.

— —  

Fact/name checks from here. I’m going to break my normal rule here and not reference whoever I found out about this from originally, because I don’t recall. Too many of you other bloggers have covered this!


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