The Apple iPad (My thoughts)

So Apple announced the iPad today.

I followed the liveblog over at Wired for most of the event. I’m going to keep this short. It’s not a review or a rant.

Apple fumbled the ball on this one, folks.

iPhoneOS is extraordinarily limiting. This is fine for a smartphone, because a smartphone can only do so much in the first place.

The iPhone runs as well as it does partially because of the limitations on it. Hell, I like iPhoneOS and I’m incredibly happy with my iPod Touch. I’m not against it in the first place. However. On a larger, tablet device, this choice happens to be wrong.

The better choice would have been multitouch implemented in OS X, with the ability to run iPhone apps. Much more capability, and much more flexibility. That said, I may still buy a WiFi only model.


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