Games, Religion, & Idiots (Yet again)

So, thanks to @MontyPrime over on Twitter, I was linked to this. (Read it. It’s either terrible or an acid trip.)

I am absolutely disgusted by the level of idiocy shown by this, but first we’ll make something clear.

I’m a Christian. A Quaker in fact. As a Quaker, my faith is fairly simple. I don’t need the Bible, I don’t need dogma and priests and sermons. We are called Christians for a few reasons, none of which are relevant.

Now, into the blog post itself:

Let’s start off with this point, as it shows just how much of a brainwashed fool this poor reviewer is.

He blames the Doom series for the Columbine tragedy.

I have addressed these lies before. We know it wasn’t the videogames. It was yanking the last stress release system these poor kids had. The videogames were helping. They let these kids blow off steam

Let’s make some clear points here:

The so-called “reviews” of the M games are based on media hearsay. Incredibly bad sourcing on the reviewers’ part.

There is no Master Chef in the Halo games. I thought it was a typo, but evidently not, considering the few sentences after. That’s simply amusing and again shows the lack of fact checking.

Snake (MGS) is not an agent of the devil. Christian games are intended to have Christian imagery. Games not developed to be Christian are not necessarily anti-christian.

There are no Apple devices allowed on the this poor reviewer’s so-called University. Corporations have to be Darwinian; otherwise their employees would bring them down. This is clear ignorance, again.

There are repeated instances of homophobia. (Multiple reviews) Inexcusable. But inevitable.

There is at least one instance of bigotry against divorce and polyamory. (Fable II review) Again inexcusable yet inevitable.

Tetris is supposedly anti-christian. His arguments are nonsensically. Most governments are fundamentally Atheist. (Exception being religious fundamental). Just like the US government. We are nation of freedom of religion, and therefore atheist government, no matter what the Christian conservatives will tell you. Socialist and communist governments are also Atheist. It does not mean that the people are expected to be Atheist, or even that individual members of government are.

This reviewer doesn’t understand the definition or nature of Atheism. Atheism is simply choosing to not have a faith. Atheism does not have schools of thought, so to speak. There is no such think as “militant Atheism” and other such supposed movements.

Most importantly: There is no anti-christian conspiracy group controlling any industry, let alone videogames. This was an implied position, unless I missed something in my reading. It is also very wrong. Unfortunately, ignorant people can still connect dots that are not connectable.

To wrap up.

This reviewer is a perfect product of the right wing ultra-conservative Christian movement. He believes the lies that he has been fed as strongly as he believes his own faith. He doesn’t bother to check his sources or use reliable ones. He unquestioningly believes the lies his professors teach him.

He is a waste of any intellect he may possess.

He is a wingnut.


One Response to “Games, Religion, & Idiots (Yet again)”

  1. Actually, there are some atheists who can be just as bigoted as Christians. Just as there are bigots to be found within all beliefs and non-beliefs. However, most of us are simply normal people who don't think there's some higher power behind everything, and we think those other guys are assholes.Now, that's not to say we won't defend what we think is right, but we don't try to push it down everyone's throat, and we certainly don't do that through video games.Also, this guy's comment about all Spartans being gay was rather amusing. He should at least see 300, if he isn't willing to learn anything about Greek history.


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