iTweetMyTunes (Review)

I recently found a new utility for tweeting my iTunes tracks. This is actually something I’ve been looking around to find for a while, now.

I had been using an inelegant, clumsy, and buggy AppleScript to update my iTunes twitter account (which is @dmbarlowsiTunes, by the way(.

Now? Well, now I’m using a much better solution.

It’s called iTweetMyTunes.

Using iTweetMyTunes is an easy, behind-my-notice experience, which is exactly what I want from a solution for this.

The preference window is the only actual UI that’s associated with the program. Here’s an image of it.

Screen shot 2010-01-20 at 8.45.32 PM.png

Setup is painless – just put in your Twitter account, choose between Automatic (and a number of minutes) and manual updates.

Automatic will mean that iTweetMyTunes will tweet your song at the mark of however many minutes you chose on the slider.

Manual means that iTweetMyTunes only updates when you click a menu bar item.

I really like this piece of software. It’s well done, it’s painless, it does what it is supposed to.

I do, however, have 2 suggestions for the developer that I feel would improve this little utility.

1 – Add a Automatic per-track option. As in, every time a track change & plays for, say, 20 seconds, send a tweet. That play time is important because often one will flip through songs, and that’s not necessary to tweet.

2 – An option to have this run as a menubar utility. I for one, would prefer to have iTweetMyTunes run up in my menubar. With so little UI, and as a utility, I feel it ought to have that option.

In any case.

If you want to tweet from iTunes, this is the single best solution I have found.


One Response to “iTweetMyTunes (Review)”

  1. Hello, Thanks for your blog entry. I am the developer ;-)Actually 1. is already there, if you play a track for a short amount of time (less than the time you specified, it will not be tweeted)2. is on my todo listThanks for your suggestions !Seb


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