Lies & Death.

I just read this article from Wired.

I am outraged. Absolutely outraged.

First; a story.

When I was 17 years old my mother, my stepfather, and my shrink decided it would somehow be “good for me” if I spent a little time in a mental ward. One was picked.

I was railroaded into going voluntarily. I was lied to. I was told, in a nutshell, that if I did not go I would be forcibly committed.

I was more terrified than I have ever been in my life.

These are three people that ought to have known me a little better. Known that my main fear is loss of control.

I was in that ward for 12 days. 12 days in which I was constantly terrified because I had no control over when I would get out. Where I would be for the next, entirely indefinite, amount of time.

I was a zombie. A fucking lifeless zombie. That was the closest in my life I have ever come to suicide. I’m not a suicidal person, but I was quite close to serious consideration.

The point of this story is that I know a) how psychologically tormenting being in a ward can be in the UNITED STATES! which is a far better situation than China, and b) how easy it is for a parent to be sold on something that might make their child “better” from the very-likely-imaginary “problem”.

And there’s a problem in that last paragraph.

I said “far better situation than China.”

What is the situation in China? Let’s go back to the Wired article.

After the beating, Deng Senshan was carried trembling to his bunk, shouting, “They’re killing me,” and bleeding from his mouth, ears, eyes, and nose. The counselors left him there for hours before dispatching a car to take him to the hospital. At around 3 am, 14 hours after arriving at the camp, he was pronounced dead.

Look at the last two sentences again again.

The counselors left him there for hours before dispatching a car to take him to the hospital.

At around 3 am, 14 hours after arriving at the camp, he was pronounced dead.

This young man is dead. And it’s the fault of the Chinese government, who are taking no more than meaningless steps in response.

This is unacceptable.

I say the Chinese should rise up in protest and overthrow their government or force it to change.

There must be progress from this outrageous state of affairs.


One Response to “Lies & Death.”

  1. The hell? I mean, really? I understand that the inetrnet is a new and scary place for people who didn't grow up with it. Today my father told me that I needed to spend more time offline and outside with "real people". Unfortunately, the 'real people' I know, while nice, don't offer the same type of friendship I find with people online.Which is why parents like that make me furious! They see the internet as a place their kids go and waste time and be utterly unproductive. We see it as an outlet for all of the feelings and emotions that we can't express in out daily lives. The parents of these teens probably don't use the internet for much more than email, and maybe online shopping. They don't see the world of possibilites that their kids are seeing.Gah. Just gah.


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