Idiocy & Those Who Believe It

Read these two links: One & Two.

I cannot believe the rampant intolerance and delusion that is posted by this woman. However, I do believe she wishes it to be a date and time without technology.

This begs a joke about DeLoreans and dropping her off in the early 1900s.

It is my belief that she is only harming her children by refusing to allow them to have the same experiences, learn the same lessons, grow together, in the same way with other children.

Take me for example. I’m a hardcore gamer — and I am responsible as well. Why am I responsible? I learned it from the games.

I certainly did not learn it from my mother, in whose house I lived until a few months ago. I bought myself games, and I bought myself my MacBook.

Whenever she decided to have issues with me (mostly because my stepdad and I have always been on the speaking terms level of: Him: “You little asshole” Me: “I’m sorry, Dan, but you really are an idiot” etc. ) she’d come up and try to take my electronics.

This was never something I’d allow to happen. Hiding my stuff, protecting what was mine every way I could became second nature.

Now, let’s look at some key differences between my mother and I.

My mother’s idea of being responsible:

  • Let the cable bill lapse every four months.
  • Intentionally not use the medical insurance that her former husband (My dad, a great guy) has been legally made to provide for my sister and I for years.
  • Intentionally block the court ordered visitation (for my sister & I to see Dad) at every opportunity.
  • And much more that I’m not willing to blog about.

Meanwhile, you have me. Much like this dude, I can often be found online or gaming until 2, 3, 4, 5 AM.

But, I know myself. I know how much sleep I need. I am always up when I need to be up. When I have classes — I don’t miss them. When I have shifts — I don’t miss them.

I’m a gamer. And that’s why I’m going to succeed.

I feel sorry the children of the woman who wrote the two posts linked above.

What their mother is doing? It’s hurting them.

UPDATE: Here’s another post with another reasonable viewpoint.


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