Iran Protests

This post is my thoughts about whether or not President Obama should do anything differently concerning Iran and it’s protesters (and other nations). The main part of it was a post to twitlonger, so I will start with context:

After I retweeted from @Shark Goddess this:

@BarackObama Help the Iranians protesting!!!!”

@Lawgurl then tweeted this to me:

“@DMBarlow Huh? What is Obama supposed to do? Bomb Iran? He can barely help American’s who are w/o health care… how can he help Iranians?”

This was my response, via Twitlonger, to her:

“I’m a pacifist, so the bombing is out, joke or not. I think that America needs to change it’s attitude toward that region.

Who does it start with? It starts with the President and it spreads to foreign affairs.

I understand that the way we treated Germany/Italy/Japan before WWII is extraordinarily similar to the way we are treating N. Korea, Iran, Pakistan, and other countries that are supposedly our enemies, today.

All of this while we sit by and let Israel, who can supposedly do no harm, fuck up that region further.

We need to make a shift, a hard left turn. (or right, doesn’t matter; there’s no deeper meaning to the direction)

We need to regain the moral high ground, we need to become benefactors and not “enemies”.

To bring my point back around to Iran, we need to support the protesters without alienating the government against us further.

Because the protesters represent the future, just as the protesters during the civil rights movement represented the future for us Americans, and because they are a sovereign government.

I’m not a diplomat, I do not know how to do these things. Only that they must be done.”


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