Politics of Marriage

(Thank Twitter for getting me worked up again)

Okay.. a little piece I wrote about marriage.

When I talk about “marriage” for other orientations, I am talking about the word in a “civil sense”.

I’m not speaking to a “religious sense”. I don’t care what you do with that. I can’t tell a priest or rabbi, etc to rewrite his bible, his torah, etc to allow gays to marry.

I do care that every sexual orientation is allowed their right to commit, and that commitment recognized by the government, and that government extending the same legal & financial rights. And I include polyamorous relationships in that. I can’t not; It’d be hypocritical.

These relationships do not threaten you. Why not support them? It makes the world a better place, it makes that neighbor on your block able to marry his 20 year boyfriend and have the legal rights that you and your wife have.

This lets that many more people find the American Dream, to use an old and exhausted phrase. It lets that gay couple have their taxes folded in together, lets them have that all important medical decision making set up without months of legal hassle.

What’s wrong with these couples raising families? Nothing except homophobic BS that I for one am sick of. They are responsible, good people, on the whole.

What happens to a city block when gays move in?

There’s less trash on the street. The houses get cleaned up, painted. Property values go up! Crime goes down! I call that “good people”. I call that “responsibility”. Which are the same qualities parents should have.

So, instead of homophobic behavior, please, please, either shut your mouth or put it to a positive use.


One Response to “Politics of Marriage”

  1. Whole-heartedly agree!


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