National ID cards? BAD IDEA.

Move to National ID Cards Delayed:

(article by David Kravets) Via Wired.

I am made uncomfortable on several levels by the concept of a national ID system. I don’t like it all.

The idea is so very privacy-invasive. It’s not something I can get behind or support at all. My privacy is a very important thing — especially where the government is involved.


This is the image that Wired posted (I changed dimensions) — and it shows good news. See all that red? Those states have “passed a statute prohibiting implementation” of this particular bad idea. This is really good news.

The fact that states are actually working against this federal level project, that states are working for right to privacy is this regard.

Yes. It’s good news.


One Response to “National ID cards? BAD IDEA.”

  1. The only part I like about this is a having a unified ID. We won't have to identify ourselves with our SSN half the time and our Driver's License the other half. And then those two can go back to their original purposes.


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