Mac Programs

I’ve been seeing a few of these lately.

Here’s a link to one from MacStories that links to a few other, relevant ones.

I’ve heard a lot about how other Mac users, beginners and not, use the Dock and the Applications folder, and it’s strange, because very few use them the same way I do.

And that’s what this post is about — how I use the (OS X) Dock and how I manage my applications. Because, frankly, you other Mac users are very very odd. Oh, by the waw, I run a MacBook with unfortunately limited RAM and HDD space. 2.1 GHz dual core Intel processor.

I only have 3 apps pinned to my Dock. My browser (Firefox), my IM solution (Adium), and my Twitter solution (Tweetie).

How do I quickly get to other apps I need? I generally don’t use Spotlight as a launcher. Let’s look at the other side of my Dock!

3 folders. From left to right: “Common Apps” “Documents” and “Downloads”. Common Apps is the interesting one. Inside there are five folders. “Acquisition” “Communication” “Creation” “Entertainment” and “Information”. Each of these folders contains programs or aliases to programs, and more folders.

That’s my quicklaunch solution. I can quickly hit the dock, hit that folder, and navigate (“stacks” as it were) to the app I need.


And yes.

I want the ability to do something similar on my iPod Touch.


Managing apps though… I hear that various big names in the Mac sphere keep everything open all the time…

I do not do that. What’s open is what I am using right at that moment.

Why are the three pinned programs pinned? Because 95+% of the time when I am online I am using them. Other apps get quit as soon as the purpose is done.

To give two examples:

I love my music, but there are lots of times I am not listening.. so iTunes will never be pinned.

Mail is open most of the day and shut most of the night (when I’m logged in to my computer).

Neither fits my criteria for being pinned.

So, yes, I’m different, but I like to believe this is a more logical way of handling my programs, especially considering my limited system resources.

I’m out.


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