First of all, posts will be a bit sparse today/tommorrow and possibly further on. I’ll be busy until the 1st with various things from a Thanksgiving trip to an allergist appointment (here’s hoping they’re all gone!) to a permit knowledge test.

Yes, I’m working on my license late. I’ve been eligible for a permit for almost 3 years and 6 months now, but quite frankly I didn’t need one in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Now that I am out by Harrisburg and there is a sheer lack of public transportation, the issue is a bit more pressing.

The allergist, well, I’ve had anaphylaxis level allergies to so many things for years and I’m well overdue for an appointment… I am hoping. HOPE WITH ME! Please.

I’m involved in a new business venture, a partnership with a good friend. I can’t say anything yet, it’s far too early, but I will post updates here when I can. It has great potential.

I’ve installed BetterTouchTool and a review is forthcoming. For now the trouble is I’m having quite the time thinking of ways to use it.

My trip starting wednesday… damn. I am very much looking forward to it. NYC! Also, people I haven’t seen in far too long.

Alright, I’m out.


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