I use a lot of iPhoneOS apps on my iPod Touch.

I only use one of the Twitter apps available.

Which one? Tweetie. (I also use the Mac version, though that seems rather slower than, say, Twitterific, Tweetie(Mac) is still a superior program.) Just to be clear, when talking about the iPhoneOS app, I’m speaking about Tweetie 2.

Tweetie(iPhoneOS) is an absolutely wonderful app, well done in every way and only lacking in push notifications. I think I’d turn them off for Twitter anyway!

Now, there’s an excellent review up at Etch Reviews for Tweetie. You can find it here and you can find the last bit here. That tweet being the last of a short back and forth between myself and Mat Wohlscheid, who runs Etch Reviews.

Oh, and yes, I recommend Etch Reviews. I admire the work that’s gone into it.


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