Rant (Bookmarks)

This is a topic that consistently bothers me.

There is no easy way for me to pack up and switch browsers.



Even when recently pruned and minimalistic there are two many bookmarks in my daily use browser (currently Firefox) for me to justify manually switching them over to a different browser.

I was thinking of giving Safari another chance today. I have a reason for that, and again it has to do with bookmarks. With iTunes, syncing bookmarks from safari onto my iPod Touch (or an iPhone for that matter) would be exceedingly easy. Hit a check box, then hit sync.

And there are other browsers I would like to try beyond the example I have illustrated here.

It ought to be exceedingly easy/simple to transfer bookmarks. When my only options are import/export features that have a history (for me) of not working properly, or utilities that are too complex, something is wrong.

It feels OS wars. Data locked in one place. Not a good feeling.

I’m going to go struggle with import/export features now.


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