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It’s been a long damn time since I published, and that’s something I’ve been grumbling to myself about, so I’m gonna start writing yet again.

I’ve got a pair of trips coming up, and another nebulous largely unplanned trip in February. Next week I will be in NYC to spend Thanksgiving with my Uncle and his wife, both wonderful people. It’s been too long since I was able to enjoy their company. I’m also planning to spend some time with a few old friends in NYC and surrounding areas, will be away until December 1st. The day after Christmas (“Boxing Day”) I’ll be leaving on another trip, this one two weeks long.

Day before I leave I have an appointment with an allergist.. that could be very good (much less) or very bad (status quo). Tommorrow (it’s early Thursday morning as I write this) I have a physical appointment. Ugh. I also have to run around and get paperwork done, pick up envelopes at the P.O.

Why all the paperwork and sudden frenetic activity? Simple.

I moved on short notice the other weekend. Because of various things a particular family member did during that weekend (fuck up my ability to reside where I was(this one happened some weeks before), bite me several times, attempt to steal my passport, sucessfuly steal my phone(goodbye Kyocera TNT), rip up important financial paperwork) I was driven to a choice.

Oh, one last thing on the move. After I was physically attacked and chose to minimally defend myself, the police were called on –me– by this particular family member.

However, the stress level on a daily basis is much lower here. That is a very good thing. I should be able to replace my phone soon.

Onto happier topics.

As far as music goes.. Been listening to Breaking Benjamin / Coldplay / Linkin Park. Of the three, Linkin Park is the marked newcomer. I do think I have a taste for them.

Gadget/Software news:

I’m very happy with my iPod Touch. I made sure to pay for 3.0 and I obtained an Otterbox. 50+ apps later, I will not go back to a click wheel iPod. Especially with my VZW MiFi, I can be connected anywhere without dragging out the MacBook. Favorite app for concept: Tripit. Because my memory is like a colander.

I just downloaded MarsEdit. I’m using it to write this, in fact, and I think I love it. Far better than Qumana. Still have to figure some of it out, but that will happen.

Other news:

I’m joining the 501st, as an Imperial Naval Captain. Very happy on this.

Oh, before I go I’ll treat you to some of my photography.

Good night, good luck, farewell.



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