Insanity in the Conservative Ranks

Conservative writers are actually now advocating a bloodless coup. In America. Against our properly elected President.

Yeah. Just that sink in a few minutes.

Done that? Good.

This is unacceptable behavior. From any party. Under any President. It’s disgusting besides.

Under Bush, we the Liberals did insult the President. We elected (arguably) an idiot.

But we ( as far as I an aware ) did not make a habit of advocating coups or killing.

There is a line you do not cross, and I for one am disgusted at the tactics of the Conservatives.

That is all.

Original post (via @stopbeck on twitter) :
Also, Marmel’s take on the issue.

UPDATE 10/1: Keith Olbermann ran the story last night. I feel awesome to have written about the same thing. 🙂

– Originally posted using BlogPress from my iPod Touch.


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