More On Snow Leopard!

   <Side note> Just got the MiFi from Verizon. I like this thing. A lot. </side note>

    Now, I promised a longer post on Snow Leopard, and I really ought to deliver what I promise.

    A lot of little things are different. QuickTime Player is slimmed down, yes, as reported, but that isn’t neccessarily a bad thing. 7 is still an optional install.

    As a whole, it runs quite a bit faster for me, and I enjoy a lot of the little UI changes and so forth. I also enjoy that most of the old options for that are still around, just need an option+click, or something similar, to bring them up.

    I still don’t see any point in Spaces.

    Expose used to be terrible. At least IMO. I like it now.

    That’s it for this post. It’s 2:30am and I need to sleep.

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