In Memory Of Ted Kennedy

    I learned a few minutes ago that Ted Kennedy died last night. I decided that, although I have neither the elegance in writing, nor the knowlege of his life, to write a proper piece in memoriam for him, I have chosen to do my best anyway.

    Ted Kennedy, alone of his brothers, did not die young. We all remember his brothers. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, struck down, Robert Kennedy, struck down.

    They were visionaries. JFK is a man with whom you can draw many parallels with Obama. Edward picked a crusade for his life, his "cause of my life", universal health care.

    Now we are close to realizing the goal of that crusade, and I hope and wish that we might honor him and the American people by realizing the legislation.

    But I draw away from my topic; that of memorializing a great man.

    We will miss you, Senator Kennedy. 

    A great man you were, struck down not by your political foes, as your brothers were, but by an enemy within your own head.

    We would do well never to forget this man, and his brothers.

    And with that, I shall end my post, inadequate though it is.

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