Musings for the 16th

Damn, I keep being busy on Mondays when I mean to post something for here. Oh well, I’ll figure something out.

So I had the oppurtunity to go and see the new G.I. Joe movie the other day. Those of you who play videogames for the explosions and fighting and that stuff? You heathens to whom plot is irrelevant?

I’ve got some advice for that small group of you.

Go see it. You’ll enjoy it.

Anyone else, well, if you have a free afternoon, and want to see a few hundred explosions, it’s an alright movie. No plot, granted. Several explosions which seem to have nothing in particular exploding, granted. However there are some nice lines and a lot of laughs (unintended, mostly).


I am now reading World War Z in addition to two other books (one about Warhammer 40K space marines, one about someone with Asperger’s syndrome).

Zombies are cool.

Go read it. No, really. It’s an excellent book, told in the form of interviews with veterans of a fictional, future Zombie War.

I highly suggest it.

I’ve also been listening to some new stuff. Viva La Vida from the album of the same name by Coldplay, and Blow Me Away by Breaking Benjamin, which is evidently part of the Halo 2 soundtracks.

Also, a new band has entered my iTunes library. Apocalyptica. Cellists. Who play Metallica covers, among other things, and do it really well.

Alright, that’s it. I’m out.

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