Reality… and relationships?

    Before I start, a warning. This is all from my head. I am no expert. Don’t use my numbers in anything. They are only intended to give a sense of my meaning.

    Reality is a funny thing. Society (and most of the constituents thereof) are quite convinced that they have they only valid view of reality. (In all honesty, this comprises about 2 million + view points whose differents are les than 1% from each other).

    However… there are those of us who disagree with society on levels so basic as romance and mating. The traditional societal ideals of monogamy and faithfullness to one’s partner, of equality of relationships, all come out of the maelstrom of ideas and influences that have shaped everty aspect of reality, but are wrong.

     I consider these concepts to be broken, grown out of an earlier time when they were somehow necessary or useful, but not so any longer.

    Monogamy, as an example, promotes jealousy and selfishness, and all sorts of other nasty useless little emotions that we should not be societally encouraging.

    I think that instead of expecting every single relationship to conform to a societal standard and outcasting groups who can not / will not conform to said societal standard (furries, bdsm, etc.) it should be expected that relationships are defined on a case by case basis by those who participate in the relationship.

    I practice what I preach. My relationships ( and I am in several ) are meaningful, loving, and very much non traditional.

    And with that I will end my little rant.

    Apologies for any bruised ears.

    I’m out.

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