Idiocy in Religion

     Now, let’s get something straight before I delve into the meat of this blog post. I have NOTHING at all against Christianity. I have wonderful friends who are Christians and I work in a Church office with some absolutely delightful people.

     But some people take the idea of Christianity too far.

     Don’t believe me? Go here. That’s a link to a (basically) Neocon Christian organization’s forums.

     Let’s see. Some choice tidbits.

    It is said within the forum thread that the game Doom caused the terrible and tragic events at Columbine. I cannot call this true. The primary cause of that tragedy was that two highly stressed emotion disturbed young people were allowed access to deadly weapons. A secondary cause was that a very useful stress reliever was removed from them a week before the tragedy. That stress reliever? Videogames. So they think they can twist things to say videogames themselves caused the tragedy? Don’t give them your history books, these people love to rewrite. Evidently.

    The other choice tidbit I will give you is much shorter. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion game is referred to as a Super Nintendo game. Now, for anyone who knows anything about consoles and console gaming, and pc’s and pc gaming, this is a WTF moment. Is this person an idiot? … Actually, he might enjoy actual SNES titles, they’re mostly harmless. Yet again he could find demonic influences in Super Mario, I’m certain.

     It’s just incredible what idiocy people will force themselves to swallow and regurgitate.

     I’m out.

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