Blackberry vs. Palm Pre vs. iPhone

    So. I’m on Twitter almost all the time now, whenever I’m online I’m on Twiter. This thanks to Adium, which is an absolutely awesome IM (and IRC, and Twitter) client. Go check it out.

    Anyway. The topic of this blog post. I began a long back and forth over Twitter by stating:

Watching Palm Pre commercials. WTF. Palm is stupid. You cannot compete with the iPhone. iPhone has simply conquered the smartphone world.

    So. I get a couple tweets over this. Logical. There are and always will be diehard Palm/Blackberry fans. I mean, hell! The Newton lives still!

    So we go back and forth. Supposedly I’m wrong in quite a number of ways. But, for example, how is it better to be able to finger dial without looking at the screen than it is to voice dial? I really do not understand the appeal of finger dialling.

    To all Palm & Blackberry users: Why do you wish to stay with a clunky, Windows 3.0-esque device, when there is an intuitive, functional, alternative: the iPhone?

    Hell. I think I’m I’m gonna go tweet that.

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