Heater dude is here, messing around with the heat and a/c downstairs. I wasn’t aware it wasn’t functioning, but then again, I also don’t keep track of this stuff. Not much point in my doing so.

    I stick with a few webcomics. My favorite has to be MegaTokyo. But Real Life Comics is also awesome. Recentrly I’ve been reading through the archives of Dork Tower. Dork Tower is hilarious. If you like geeky or nerdy webcomics, I suggest all three of them.

    Been reading some reviews of Transformers 2. This is a movie I am choosing not to see. Evidently there are inconsistencies throughout, both internally, within the movie itself, and with the earlier Transformers movie. Neither of which I could deal with. Not that I saw the earlier Transformers movie.

    I’ve decided my priorities as far as money goes over this summer. One’s a nice camera. Perhaps in a few months I’ll be filling this blog and my flickr account with (fairly) good pictures from a nice point and shoot digital camera with enough megapixels in it’s lense to make me happy.

    Anyway, I’m out.

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