iPhones & Cellphones

I’ve been planning to write about the iPhone for a while now. I do not have one. I currently have a Kyocera TNT, which is wonderful, got it as a birthday present from my delightful coworkers. Prepaid cellular service is expensive, but in a different way than monthly billing.

I will go long stretches with very low minutes, simply because I don’t have the money for more, or because the money is budgeted elsewhere. I can’t afford a monthly cellular bill — I simply don’t have the regular income for that. Don’t work enough, and there are a lot of other expenses to keep in mind.

This is the primary reason that I do not have an iPhone. I love the concept. I believe it is the smartphone killer. It blows any BlackBerry or Palm phone away, hell, I don’t think that even the Google Android phones can stand up to the iPhone. I’m not saying the iPhone is perfect, just much better.

There are a number of reasons for this. Apple’s legendary design skill surely helps. The UI design, as well as physical design, is simply superior. But the biggest reason is the App Store. Nearly anything you can think of needing a solution for, whether phone wise, mobile computing wise, or in any number of other ways, there is an app to fill that need, and there will be a better one soon. Even if there isn’t an app, you can be sure -someone- has it in development.

There’s a lot of money to be had in the App Store — but that’s a story for another post.

My Kyocera TNT fills my needs very well, and I have only recently realized that it is lacking something I could use. Bluetooth. I text a lot. But I very much dislike typing on a phone dial pad. It’s simply uncomfortable.

There are applications for the Mac that allow Bluetooth text messaging. I.E., connecting your phone via Bluetooth to your computer and viewing/replying to text messages with said computer. I like that idea.

To go back to my earlier topic, the iPhone is superior, and definitely a smartphone killer. But it might not be a cellphone killer. Some groups will never adopt the iPhone. Some people don’t need a smarter phone and are satisfied with their “dumb” cell phones. Some people can’t afford it (though I hope to remove myself from this group, this group does exist).

I think we’ll see the “dumb” cellular market continuing, and the smartphone market emptying to be iPhone and the few products that can almost stand up to it.


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